Church Plant: Lebanon – Beirut, Nabah



Desired Results


10/40 Hope desires to establish a church plant among the Kurds that will present the Gospel to 1,000 people, disciple 150 people on a regular basis, and lead 50 people to commit to Christ in Beirut, Lebanon by 2024.



  • The Kurdish population in Lebanon is 293,000 with .01% being Evangelical.
  • Most of them are Syrian immigrants in Lebanon and face many difficult situations.


  • Establish a church plant among the Kurds in Lebanon.
  • Continue to resource this church among the Kurds in Lebanon in their third year.
  • Continue to provide coaching and support to the main pastor of this church.
  • Specifically assist in starting a new church in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon in 2022.
  • Escort mission teams to minister to the congregation and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


  • 1,000 Gospel presentations.
  • 200 people discipled regularly.
  • 51 commitments.



A woman came to visit the church and she was using a walker. She was not able to walk without using it as a support due to the pain she felt. During the meetings, she started crying, praying to God and by the end of the meeting, she put the walker away. She said that she went to many doctors, but Jesus healed her. She went home that night walking, and the walker is still at church.


2022 Goal: $14,400


Supplement Pastor’s Salary – 4,800

Church Rent – 7,200

Administrative Assessment – 2,400