Church Plant: Lebanon – Beirut, Baouchriyeh



Desired Results


10/40 Hope desires to establish a church plant among the Lebanese/Syrian Arabs that will present the Gospel to 500 people, disciple 100 people on a regular basis, and lead 25 people to commit to Christ in Beirut, Lebanon by 2025.



  • The population of Lebanon is 6.7 million people with .71% being Evangelical.
  • The economic crisis in Lebanon is causing the currency to lose much of its value and many Lebanese are having difficulty paying for basic needs.
  • The government is collapsing which is leading to greater civil unrest.


  • Partner with a local church to start a new church.
  • Continue sponsoring this church plant in its second year.
  • Provide coaching and encouragement to the church planting team.
  • Escort mission teams to strengthen the church.


  • 105 Gospel presentations.
  • 70 people discipled regularly.
  • 15 commitments.



The leader of this plant accepted Jesus as his savior in 1989 and was baptized at the end of 1990. He served as a youth leader, associate pastor, evangelist, and served as a pastor for a short time to help a church in Northern Lebanon. He later graduated in theological studies from Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in 2000. Since then, he has been involved at Ain Dara Church, visiting houses from different backgrounds around Beirut in order to share the good news.


2022 Goal: $14,160


Leaders’ Salaries – 4,200

Church Rent – 7,200

Relief Aid – 600

Administrative Assessment – 2,800