Ministry Support: NEO Druze Ministry



Desired Results


10/40 Hope desires to support a ministry among the Druze that will present the Gospel to 1,000 people, disciple 100 people on a regular basis, and lead 20 people to commit to Christ in Beirut, Lebanon by 2023.



  • The Druze population in Lebanon is 297,000 with .01% being Evangelical.
  • Conversion to and from their faith is not allowed. Though they will often embrace aspects of differing religions (usually Islam or Christianity) as a means of self-preservation.
  • Those within the community who are trying to convert a Druze to another faith experience persecution.


  • Partner with Near East Organization to support a church reaching the Druze in Lebanon and Syria.
  • This ministry uses the discovery Bible study material to train leaders and start more groups.
  • Provide resources, coaching, and encouragement to the main leader.
  • Escort mission teams to provide oversight and encouragement.


  • 800 Gospel presentations.
  • 30 people discipled regularly.
  • 4 commitments.



In 2020, one of 10/40 Hope’s staff members, led a training session among the pastor and his leaders. They were able to discuss ways to start new groups among those in their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. They discussed how to do this in their Druze context. After the training was completed, the leaders went and launched 4 new groups with an average of 6 attendees per group.


2022 Goal: $4,320


Pastor’s Salary – 3,600

Administrative Assessment – 720