Ministry Support: Sudan-Faith Bible Institute



Desired Results


10/40 Hope desires to support a ministry that will train 150 people in church planting and pastoral ministry in Sudan each year until 2026.



  • The population of Sudan is 44.8 million people with .39% being Evangelical.
  • Sudan has traditionally been hostile toward the spreading of Christianity; however, due to a change in leadership, they have recently been more welcoming toward those who are Christians.
  • Access to Christian materials and teachings are very difficult for the Sudanese.
  • Because Christianity is no longer being persecuted as a whole, false teaching is emerging throughout Sudan.


  • Partner with an institute in Sudan, to train 150 students to become church planters, pastors, and leaders to stop the surge of false teaching that is emerging.
  • Supplement salaries and provide transportation for pastors/professors.
  • Provide curriculum.


  • 300 students being trained.



Before attending the school, one of the students was asked by his church to help plant a church among their tribe’s refugees. He was considered one of the leaders of the church, but he was careless about his sermon preparation and the church was suffering. After taking classes for about two months, he started applying what he was learning. With the help of other students and graduates, the church began growing in number and quality as the Bible was taught properly. The courses on Bible interpretation principles and preaching benefited him the most. The courses were not only changing his ministry, but also the quality of his family life. He never thought of praying or sharing the Bible with them. As he started to love the word of God and, along with the emphasis his school put on the family, he started a daily devotion with his family.


2022 Goal: $9,840


Support 3 professors/pastors – 7,200

Provide curriculum/materials – 1,000

Administrative Assessment – 1,640