Church Plant: Algeria-T



Desired Results


10/40 Hope desires to establish a church plant among the Berber and Arabs that will present the Gospel to 50 people, disciple 25 people on a regular basis, and lead 20 people to commit to Christ in Algeria by 2024.



  • The population of Algeria is 44.5 million people with .06% being Evangelical.
  • In 2019, the government closed the six largest Protestant churches in Algeria.
  • Due to extreme restrictions and persecution, the Christian movement is now almost entirely underground.
  • The transferring of funds must be done carefully.
  • Muslims will not rent to Christians so a pastor must wait until he owns his own home or until a family that owns their own home chooses to follow Christ.


  • Establish a network of house churches.
  • Continue to financially support the Algerian pastor starting and overseeing house churches for the third year.
  • Conduct a second church planting training and strategic planning session with this pastor and his team in 2022.


  • 10 people discipled regularly.
  • 4 commitments.



There was a man who worked with state security and was shot after a terrorist group besieged his squad. Many of his colleagues were killed in this siege. As time passed, he was discharged from the hospital, but his physical and psychological health were in terrible shape. He returned to work and a couple of his coworkers invited him to meet the pastor we sponsor. After hearing his testimony, the man began seeking to know more about Jesus.


2022 Goal: $7,200


Pastor’s Salary – 6,000

Administrative Assessment – 1,200