Welcome to Sudan

Note: This content was originally written and emailed on March 30, 2021.

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Image provided by: https://freevectormaps.com/sudan/SD-EPS-02-0001?ref=atr
Total Population: 43,759,000
Largest Religion: Islam – 90.6% 
Evangelical Christian: .39%
Statistics provided by: Joshua Project*
* The Joshua Project is an organization that works to determine specific information regarding people groups around the world. If you would like to learn more about Sudan or other countries, go to www.joshuaproject.net.
What began with one  missionary in Lebanon has turned into an organization that spreads the Gospel across the region. 10/40 Hope does this by focusing on three strategies: Planting churches, supporting ministries, and sending missionaries. We just started supporting a ministry in our fifth country: Sudan!
Sudan has recently been undergoing rapid change due to a shift in government leadership. With an effort to be more “Western friendly,” they have now made it legal to convert from Islam to Christianity. Families and communities, however, still ostracize and reject Muslims who renounce their faith.

Faith Bible Institute: Sudan

Faith Bible Institute has been able to function for several years despite persecution. After the religious laws changed, however, they have been able to spread their influence much further.
The school opened several satellite campuses in different locations and built up their online distance learning programs throughout both Sudan and South Sudan. In this way they have been able to train more church planters and pastors to carry the Gospel throughout both countries.
One of their greatest desires is to train local pastors and churches in Christian theology. Because Sudan is lessoning its restrictions on religion (which is a blessing), false teachings about Christianity are starting to spread quickly throughout their communities.
Faith Bible Institute hopes to both slow the spread of these teachings and increase the Evangelical population by training and equipping pastors, church planters, and missionaries in biblical theology.
Which is truly a vision that we would love to partner with.

10/40 Hope

We have begun to raise funds for Faith Bible Institute to help cover the deficit they have for this year. Even though Covid has drastically decreased the funding they receive from existing partners, we are confident that God is going to sustain them.
One of our newest church sponsors provided funding to cover 2 textbooks each for 150 students who are being trained to plant and pastor local churches.
Our prayer is that through sponsoring these students and this ministry, we will begin to see more people place their faith in Christ as the Gospel continues to spread throughout Sudan and Northern Africa.

Thank You

It is because of the generosity of our donors that 10/40 Hope is able to support ministries in Sudan and the greater 10/40 window. Thank you so much for helping every nation hope in Christ.
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