The Nations We Are Reaching


Lebanon is a beautiful country that we have spent many years serving and is where 10/40 Hope began. Our current projects are directed toward assisting ministries among four people groups: The Kurds, Druze, Arab, and Sri Lankan people groups.

Mountains in Lebanon near Mansourieh

The Kurdish people: Our goal is to continue financially supporting a church plant to the Kurds by helping them with their facilities. This will help enable them to continue meeting as a new church, welcome those who are seeking hope, and, in time, plant new churches in their communities.

The Druze people: Our goal is to continue financially supporting a pastor to the Druze people. He has established churches in the region and is planting other churches in Syria.

The Arab people: Our goal is to support a new church plant among the Arab people in Lebanon. We have raised support for the facilities and bus ministry, but still desire to raise funds for the leaders within the church.

The Sri Lankan people: Our goal has been to provide coaching support for the pastoral leadership among the Sri Lankan immigrant workers who live in Lebanon.

A ground view picture of a pyramid in Egypt with people at the base


Our projects in Egypt have typically involved training pastors and encouraging leaders of churches throughout a specific province in Egypt. In some situations, we have to limit the information we present to protect the believers in these areas. But there is an interesting ministry that we can talk briefly about.

One ministry that we continue to partner with is led by a man who reaches out to people with special needs. Oftentimes, in their culture, when a child with special needs is born, they are deemed as a curse or a punishment upon the family. This pastor builds relationships with families who have a child with special needs. This enables him to share the hope of the Gospel with every member of the family and show that Christ’s love is for all people, not only for those without special needs.


The Church in Morocco does not have to deal with as much government persecution as many other countries in the 10/40 window. But sometimes there is still difficulty from the people.

Aerial view of traditionally built houses and buildings in Morocco

A church that we have been supporting in Morocco was able to purchase a house that has enough room for their church to gather. After establishing a payment plan for their house and making several payments, the developer demanded the rest be paid in full. The local believers were able to come up with enough money to loan the church to pay the developer. But this money came out of their own need. Our goal is to raise support to pay each loan the members gave out of their own need.

Man draped in an Algerian flag pointing at another Algerian flag on a pole


Algeria is the most difficult country we currently have influence in because of governmental regulations and persecution. We strive to protect the believers in Algeria by keeping as much information private as possible.

The church in Algeria has to be very careful to keep their belief in Christ concealed. Through God’s grace, the church has been able to grow in this area despite the persecution they experience. To assist these churches and ministries, our goal is to hold a conference in a neighboring country that will provide them with encouragement, financial support, and coaching they desperately desire.


Sudan has recently reduced its persecution and restrictions against believers from the government in an attempt to be more Western friendly. Because of this, Christian churches and organizations are able to open without fear of being shut down.

Aerial view of river and bridge in Sudan

Our goal is to support a Bible school in Northern Sudan that is training pastors and church planters. We have raised support to assist students with the cost of books and desire to keep raising funds to help the school with their staff and facility needs.


The projects that we are raising funds for will change often based off of the needs of the Church. Be sure to check back often as we update our list of ongoing projects. If any of these projects specifically interest you, donate to them directly here.